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May Meeting

For our May meeting, we're revisiting a program that proved very popular - Tree Talk, in which we brought one of our trees in and described its history as well as future plans for the bonsai.
This month's program will add something that should prove quite valuable - guidelines for improvement or design suggests from our three professional members, Chase Rosade, Jim Gillespie, and Bob Mahler. There's a broad range of experiences residing in these three - the experience of taking a tree from rough stock all the way to show-quality bonsai. All are known for their critical eye and ability to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely. Suggestions are just that, suggestions, and members showing their trees will get suggestions from one or all. (If you remember our last Tree Talk, many members had suggestions - this time we're getting the best of all possible worlds, professional advice.
Let's make this meeting as successful as the last Tree Talk. Bring in one of your trees. The level doesn't matter . Whether it's an early attempt at bonsai, or one you've spent a great deal of time developing - there's always something that can be done differently or some techniques that you can share. You might find a different planting angle could be utilized, or a different pot more appropriate. Perhaps a branch could be repositioned or even removed, or the tree could be rotated to present a different front.
Our three sensei promise to gently guide us to better trees!

"Tree Talk"
Date: Friday, May 18
Location: Greater Plymouth Community Center
Time: 7:00

Future Meetings

June 15 - Robert Mahler - Lecture/Demo
July - No meeting
August 19 - Annual Picnic & Auction

April Meeting

April's meeting featured Tony Tickle, who hails from the UK, and who had just appeared at the MABS Spring Festival.
Tony's demo material was a hinoki cypress on which he had the opportunity to do some wiring in advance of our meeting. Tony got to work on the demo tree. Since some prewiring was done, Tony could concentrate on some finer finish wiring and trimming.
The transition from rough stock to a finished profile was interesting and informative to watch. Tony stressed that if one can locate rough material that has been grown with a future bonsai in mind, you are much further ahead in the long run.

The evening continued with a presentation by Tony showing his approach to developing collected hawthorns. His "black bag" technique was very interesting, wrapping the collected and pruned tree in a black plastic bag, then placing it in a warm greenhouse. In a short time the tree shows explosive new growth.
Tony also presented a short program on developing yews for bonsai. Many of the examples he showed were much more weather-beaten and rugged than most of the yews we are familiar in the US.
Turnout for the meeting was really great, and raffle ticket sales were brisk. Our winner for the evening was............ta da............Bob Mahler!! Congratulations!

MidAtlantic Notes

This year's MABS Spring Festival was a great success with a superb exhibit, talented bonsai artists from Japan, The UK, and the US providing stimulating and informative demonstrations, a great vendor area, and a very lively banquet auction.
PBS' responsibilities for the convention are the silent auctions and the banquet auction. A good deal of help is needed to manage and record all the sales at the evening auction. Recorders Karen Harkaway and Linda Brant along with help from Pauline Muth, kept track of all the sales for the evening. Dave Tettemer, Dave Downy, Jesse Cook, and Brian Keegan kept the auction moving acting as runners. The success of the auction relies greatly on the skill of the auctioneers, and our two auctioneers, Jim Gillespie and Jim Doyle, demonstrated finely honed skills that enabled the auction to set a new record for MABS banquet auctions. Thanks to all who give of their time to assist.
The MABS exhibit was one of the best in recent history, and our thanks go to Chase Rosade, Jesse Cook, Karen Harkaway, and Linda Brant for exhibiting their bonsai representing PBS.

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Directions to the Greater Plymouth Community Center

From Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276)-Take Exit 333 (Norristown - old exit 25). At the end of the ramp, turn left onto Plymouth Road. At the light, turn right onto Germantown Pike West. Continue approximately one (1) mile, through five (5) traffic lights. At the sixth light, turn right onto Jolly Road. The Community Center is on the right at 2910 Jolly Road.
From Blue Route (I-476)-Take exit for Germantown Pike West (Exit 20). Continue on Germantown Pike west for approximately one (1) mile, through six (6) traffic lights. At the seventh light ti right onto Jolly Road. The Community Center is on the right at 2910 Jolly Road.
From Route 202-Follow Route 202 to Germantown Pike. Travel EAST on Germantown Pike, through five (5) traffic lights. At the next traffic light, approximately half a mile, turn left on Jolly Road.

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