Pennsylvania Bonsai Society Exhibits
PBS members participate in main bonsai exhibits during the year, the Philadelphia Flower Show (March) and others. PBS members have displayed bonsai at the MidAtlantic Spring Festivals, Bonsai Clubs of America Conventions, and American Bonsai Society Conventions.

From the Philadelphia Flower Show:
2016 Exhibit
2015 Exhibit

2014 Exhibit
2013 Exhibit
2012 Exhibit
2011 Exhibit
2010 Exhibit
2009 Exhibit
2008 Exhibit
2007 Exhibit
2006 Exhibit
2005 Exhibit
2004 Exhibit
2003 Exhibit
2002 Exhibit
2001 Exhibit
2000 Exhibit


2017 Exhibit

Flower Show Exhibit Chair---Randy Naftal