Pennsylvania Bonsai Society Exhibits
PBS members participate in two main bonsai exhibits during the year, the Philadelphia Flower Show (March) and at the Japanese House(September). Both shows feature 12-16 trees. PBS members have also displayed bonsai at the MidAtlantic Spring Festivals and American Bonsai Society Conventions.

From the Philadelphia Flower Show:
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"Moon gates" at the Philadelphia Flower Show Exhibit. Each member's tree is spotlighted within the moon gate's circular frame. Lighting is then adjusted to spotlight the tree's foilage or the silhouette of the tree.The moon gates allow the trees to be visually isolated from each other, creating a viewport in which each tree may be seen at its best. The overall effect of the display is very stunning.

2012 Exhibit

Randy Naftal (Weeping Ficus)


Frank Rechner ( Natal Plum)

Howard McNeal (Dwarf Japanese Juniper)

Chase Rosade (Trident Maple)

Karen Harkaway (Japanese Yew)

Paul Krasner (Pitch Pine)


Allen Slye (Japanese yew)


Andrew Klein (Japanesse Black Pine)

Linda Brant (Dwarf Weeping Fig)


Howard McNeal (KoreanHornbeam))

Solita Rosade (Hinoki Cypress)
John McGowan (Nia Buxifolia)

Flower Show Exhibit Chair---Randy Naftal